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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

We live in a world that is woven with paradoxes. Majorities in our society set a paradigm for sorting out a paragon, and a slight imperfection becomes a flaw.

While none of us is perfect, people walk on eggshells and change their beliefs just to fit in.

We all live with dissatisfaction sealed in silence.


YERIN is quite used to the other's judgements on her appearance.

Instead of changing hers elf and being disoriented to meet the expectations of others, the artist uses BeauBeau.

The neo-pop artist achieves a gripping narrative though BeauBeau that represents her unwavering taste as well as a panegyric on the sources of inspiration.


The artist's works reflect her sprawling love of retrofuturism in Citipop, French photographer Guy Bourdin's fashionable mass appeal and the decent throbbing sense of Ren Hang.

YERIN hopes audience will play an active role in construing the message within the artworks, as nothing can be defined in an absolute way.

By Alexia Song


Yerin is a Neo-pop artist who has 10 years of former career experience as a fashion designer, graphic designer, creative director upon completing programs in SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute) / Fashion design. 

The artist captures a multitude of emotions and beauty provoked by ‘oneself’ or ‘others,’ and manifests her ideology of the ideal and reality by relatable narratives through her iconic character, BeauBeau. 

Yerin is dedicated to achieving improved communication with the public based on easy accessibility of various forms of work such as digital media, NFT, and physical art like painting, sculpture, and art toys. 


About the origin of the characters

I needed a medium to express the world through my eyes, my contrary preferences,

and the things I recognize as beautiful and pleased. Many pop artists initially employ images of popular characters and compose the interpretation for the re-makes. They apply symbols or concepts onto the accustomed forms of the original characters. But, I searched for the absolutely ‘own’ character to represent myself and the people who appreciate my work.

Influenced by my parents who engaged in overseas business, I grew up with various advertisement images and animations of a particular ambiance for which I encompassed the sensitivity  unto fashion design.

The appreciated color, symbol, shape, texture, and sensitivity. The character ‘BeauBeau’ was founded with all the ‘aesthetically’ inspiring qualities since my childhood.

When I introduce BeauBeau, I describe it as ‘BeauBeau, a cat of all the beauty in the world.’
Here, the ‘beauty’ implies a ‘subjective beauty’ I conceive.

There is one basic meaning for the ‘beauty’ but the feelings emerge from different places for each person. My work only contains the ‘beauty’ I experience. It could be an object, scent, a certain color or music, and time.

The twinkling eyes, as the key feature of the character, always sparkle in the search for the beauty of the world, and the heart-shaped spa headband is the symbol to represent the beginning and end of a charming and beautiful day.

After all, the message is about ‘how a trivial thing is never obsolete if it carries aesthetic value to me.’
Even if it means the plastic bag filled with left-over jellies.
I believe you can find the aesthetically appealing points that BeauBeau experiences from any work.


Beautiful things

It’s the feelings of the moment, and empathically pretty and cute objects or scenes.
I can feel the scents of seasons.  The scent briefly remains during the day while the season changes, and I call it ‘scent of summer’ and ‘scent of winter.’ The everyday scenery appears different in the presence of the scent, and the thought of ‘beauty’ emerges upon seeing the sunlight and objects through the wind. I hope to remember the feelings to reminisce it the next day.

In expressing the emotion, the gloomy feeling is cherished as a beauty. Despite the feelings of sadness and heartbreak, as time passes, they will be remembered as beautiful moments when looked back in time.

The colors of magic wands from the early 90s animation, the chrome coated notes of Creed cologne,
the sound of tableware at the dinner table, I incorporate subjects that I perceive beautiful.
I believe the subjective beauty of mine can arouse sympathy from the public.


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