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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

The inquiry into the intrinsic multiplicity of the human condition forms the cornerstone of my artistic endeavor. Positioned beneath the overarching theme of "Human Dichotomy," my oeuvre is predicated on the objective of navigating the intricate, protean abyss of the human psyche, utilizing figures crafted from glass—ostensibly endearing characters—to this end. These entities, while superficially embodying purity and an instinctual simplicity, encapsulate a complexity and diversity akin to glass undergoing metamorphosis into malleable, fluid forms upon exposure to heat. This utilization of glass's physical and chemical attributes is intended as a transmutation of the human psyche's multifaceted traits into a lexicon of visual expression.

Within the ambit of this work, glass acts as a metaphor for metamorphosis and latent potentiality, symbolically unveiling the obscured complexities and the intrinsic fluidity that lie beneath an ostensibly unadorned exterior. It serves as an allegory for the latent duality and obscured authentic self within humanity, compelling the viewer to transcend superficial appearances and engage with deeper significations and essences. By adopting characters with a deliberately commercial visage and employing distorted forms of glass, I intentionally obfuscate direct access to the central thematic concern, thus spurring the audience towards a more profound introspection and personal exegesis.

Hence, my artistic practice delves into themes that, while seemingly elementary at a glance, are explored through a layered and in-depth approach. Such engagements afford the audience an opportunity to expand their comprehension of their inner selves and the essence of human nature, facilitating the construction of a nuanced worldview. My intention transcends the act of passive observation; I aspire to furnish a catalyst for the audience to engage in self-reflection and to ponder more deeply on the quintessence of humanity.

Moreover, my contributions articulate a novel visual dialect, divergent from conventional expressions, aimed at illuminating the inner diversity and complexity of the human condition within the milieu of contemporary art. The selection of glass as a medium is a deliberate choice, acting as an ideal conduit for the symbolic depiction of humanity's fluid and mutable essence. Therefore, my work proffers to the audience a novel comprehension of the interplay between art and the human condition, illustrating that art transcends mere aesthetic gratification to function as a domain for profound contemplation and inner exploration.


YERIN, a neo-pop artist with a wealth of experience in the fields of fashion design, graphic design,

and creative direction spanning over a decade. With her iconic character 'BeauBeau', the artist delves into the concept of the alter ego, representing not only herself but also the universal search for self-discovery. In this exploration, 'Beaubeau' captures the inherent ambivalence within every human being.

Through the medium of painting, YERIN sublimates and overcomes the bias of one-sided conclusions, striving to create works that evoke empathy and connect with the audience on a deeper level.

The artist aims to expand the reach of their message by engaging in various forms of work and collaboration, always with an emphasis on making their art accessible to all.



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