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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

We inhabit a world brimming with contradictions. The social standards set by society and others become absolute standards, highlighting their inherent imperfections. Unfortunately, I have experienced numerous instances of being misunderstood due to toxic external standards.

However, even if a misunderstanding occurs, the existence of 'I' cannot change. Therefore,

I decided to create another self to express my true self, thus the character 'BeauBeau' was born.

Through 'BeauBeau,' I can deal with the 'discomfort' I feel and express my true 'taste' without fear

of judgment.

Personal experiences of social misunderstanding and a generous expression of emotions regarding things that inspire me inspire me to express what kind of existence I am through 'BeauBeau.'

Like many, I possess a double ego. As such, I project both my introverted nature and my extroverted inclination onto 'BeauBeau,' enabling me to express a side of myself that I couldn't unfold in the

real world.

For me, 'BeauBeau' is not just a representation of myself, but of all of us - a symbol of the many facets of human existence. Depending on my emotions and various situations in my life,

I call it 'BeauBeau,' 'Diablo,' or 'Lilith.' 

Through my exploration of duality in my art, I've come to better understand my own hidden duality.

So, I ask you  -  what type are you really?


YERIN, a neo-pop artist with a wealth of experience in the fields of fashion design, graphic design,

and creative direction spanning over a decade. With her iconic character 'BeauBeau', the artist delves into the concept of the alter ego, representing not only herself but also the universal search for self-discovery. In this exploration, 'Beaubeau' captures the inherent ambivalence within every human being.

Through the medium of painting, YERIN sublimates and overcomes the bias of one-sided conclusions, striving to create works that evoke empathy and connect with the audience on a deeper level.

The artist aims to expand the reach of their message by engaging in various forms of work and collaboration, always with an emphasis on making their art accessible to all.


About the origin of the characters

I needed a medium to express the world through my eyes, my contrary preferences,

and the things I recognize as beautiful and pleased. Many pop artists initially employ images of popular characters and compose the interpretation for the re-makes. They apply symbols or concepts onto the accustomed forms of the original characters. But, I searched for the absolutely ‘own’ character to represent myself and the people who appreciate my work.

Influenced by my parents who engaged in overseas business, I grew up with various advertisement images and animations of a particular ambiance for which I encompassed the sensitivity  unto fashion design.

The appreciated color, symbol, shape, texture, and sensitivity. The character ‘BeauBeau’ was founded with all the ‘aesthetically’ inspiring qualities since my childhood.

When I introduce BeauBeau, I describe it as ‘BeauBeau, a creature of all the beauty in the world.’
Here, the ‘beauty’ implies a ‘subjective beauty’ I conceive.

There is one basic meaning for the ‘beauty’ but the feelings emerge from different places for each person. My work only contains the ‘beauty’ I experience. It could be an object, scent, a certain color or music, and time.

After all, the message is about ‘how a trivial thing is never obsolete if it carries aesthetic value to me.’
Even if it means the plastic bag filled with left-over jellies.
I believe you can find the aesthetically appealing points that BeauBeau experiences from any work.



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