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Gallery Stan by B


Armed with a pink color and unbearable cuteness, the character "BeauBeau" is an internal projection of Yerin herself

and a dual character that reflects the audience looking at "BeauBeau."

As many people live with a dual self, the artist projects both his introverted nature and his extroverted tendency for

social life to "BeauBeau" to express the side that the artist himself could not unfold in the real world.

Through this, the writer told stories hidden from others, Through the audience who responds to this,

the artist has the courage to ask the next question.

"BeauBeau," which seems to tell a secret story by making eye contact with the audience with strange eyes,

seems to have a very different ambition from the outside the more you face it.
Just as all of the bright and lovely "BeauBeau" that meets with a relatively dark worldview and painting are Yerin's works,

the audience can ask what their hidden duality is through the duality contained in Yerin's world of work.

The author, who always finds himself confused and difficult whenever he finds himself liking all the opposite things,

is conducting a deeper and deeper study to get to know himself through "BeauBeau." This is also a unique characteristic that

can be found in writers born after the 80s, and those who grow up in a natural environment with exposure to animation and commercial characters at the same time as birth are a natural generation of self-branding that creates their characters and expresses themselves through them.
This is not just a light expression, but an artistic expression of the generation that wants to know more about itself.

By Alexia Song







Gallery Stan by B


We live in a world that is woven with paradoxes.

Majorities in our society set a paradigm for sorting out a paragon, and a slight imperfection becomes a flaw.

While none of us is perfect, people walk on eggshells and change their beliefs just to fit in.

We all live with dissatisfaction sealed in silence.

YERIN is quite used to the other's judgements on her appearance.

Instead of changing hers elf and being disoriented to meet the expectations of others, the artist uses BeauBeau.

The neo-pop artist achieves a gripping narrative though BeauBeau that represents her unwavering taste

as well as a panegyric on the sources of inspiration.

The artist's works reflect her sprawling love of retrofuturism in Citipop,

French photographer Guy Bourdin's fashionable mass appeal and the decent throbbing sense of Ren Hang.

YERIN hopes audience will play an active role in construing the message within the artworks,

as nothing can be defined in an absolute way.

By Alexia Song





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